Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom
Menu – new internet connection measuring service helps people understand broadband speed better is a new service by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom for measuring the speed and quality of internet connections. It is intended for all internet users. In addition to measurement results, the service provides an assessment of how well the measured internet connection meets the needs of the user. The aim of the service is to help people understand how broadband connections work better. Traficom’s goal is to monitor and promote the availability of sufficient internet connections in Finland.

“Our aim has been to develop a reliable and informative measuring tool for internet connections with results that are easy for everyone to understand. The service tells you more than just technical indicators,” specifies Head of Services Joonas Orkola from Traficom. The service offers information about the different features of the internet connection and helps users assess how well the measured connection meets their needs. 

The works by using a mobile app that can be installed on smart devices. There is also a browser interface available. The service also takes account of the diverse situations and special needs of different internet users through accessibility. shows how services work over an internet connection

Many consumers use their internet connection to watch movies and series, which requires high download speeds especially with better image quality. At the same time, the popularity of remote work and video calls in particular is growing constantly, which sets requirements on the internet connection. 

For example, daily internet surfing, online gaming and taking care of banking all pose very different requirements on the internet connection. provides an assessment on all of these ways of using the internet.

In addition to the use cases, the functionality of services is affected significantly by the number of users or devices using the internet connection at the same time. gives a grade of the overall suitability of the internet connection based on whether the broadband is suitable for the ways in which it is used in the household. participates in safeguarding consumer rights

For its part, safeguards consumer rights on the communications market. For example, the service can help consumers make more informed choices. 

“By offering everyone an easy-to-use measuring service, we do our part in strengthening the ability of Finns to assess the quality of the service they have purchased. If the quality of the service does not correspond to the agreement, consumers have the right to demand corrective measures or compensation from the operator,” emphasises Essi Hytti, Project Manager responsible for the development of the service.

Traficom monitors the amounts measured and encourages people to measure their own internet connection

The introduced in May has been well received. Nearly 760,000 individual measurements have been taken, and the mobile app has been downloaded more than 11,000 times. 

Project Manager Essi Hytti encourages Finns to learn about how their connection works by installing the mobile app on their smart device. The connection should be measured both at home and outside it. So far, measurements have been taken especially while using the browser version of the service and a WiFi connection. service collects data about the quality of Finnish internet connections 

Traficom makes use of the measurement results in its supervisory and monitoring work. In the future, conclusions based on the results obtained will also be published in a variety of ways. “Our aim is to promote the availability of high-quality internet connections wherever they are needed. Transparency concerning the functioning of networks in different areas and at different times will steer the development in the right direction. By using the service, you can participate in developing the excellent network connections in our country and make them even better,” Orkola sums up.

Learn more about the (External link) service and start measuring!

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