Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom has launched a new website at The site houses guidance and instructions for safe mobility for passengers and transport operators. We can all do our part to make sure that travelling on public transport remains safe for all of us.

“Our new (External link) website is a one-stop resource for travellers and transport operators to find information and guidance related to travel during the coronavirus epidemic. In addition, the website will house information on decisions issued by Traficom as well as transport operators’ instructions for safe mobility in public transport,” said Traficom Deputy Director-General Jarkko Saarimäki.

A new set of guidelines regarding transport operators’ health security measures, prepared in collaboration with transport providers and operators, has been published on the website. The guidelines provide more detailed information on hygiene and social distancing measures in vehicles, stations and terminals. 

The website is updated continuously.

Wear a mask, observe social distancing and pay attention to hand hygiene — small steps go a long way

With the aim of making sure that we can all travel safely every day, transport service providers have an obligation to take certain hygiene and social distancing measures in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus: 

  1. Customers must be provided with adequate facilities to maintain the necessary level of hygiene, including hand hygiene. 
  2. Customers must be informed of safe practices to help prevent the spread of the virus.
  3. Spaces and surfaces used by customers and passengers must be cleaned more frequently. 
  4. In order to protect customers on the transport network, social distancing must be enabled while taking into account the particular characteristics of each space or means of transport. 
  5. Measures must be taken to ensure that passengers can maintain the necessary distance from each other when boarding or alighting.

However, these measures will not be enough if passengers do not do their part to ensure safety. “We recommend that everyone think carefully about when they choose to travel. Is it absolutely necessary to travel during peak hours, or could the journey be rescheduled to a quieter time of day, for example,” Saarimäki said.

Let's keep travel safe together

  • Do not travel if you are sick
  • Wear a mask
  • Maintain good hand hygiene
  • Observe social distancing
  • Follow the transport operator's instructions

Thank you for your cooperation!


Public transport and corona (External link)

Jarkko Saarimäki, Deputy Director-General, jarkko.saarimaki(at), tel. +358 29 539 0576