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Frequencies available for the needs of the future — take part in our consultation!

In Finland, a frequency range formerly allocated for television operations has become available. A number of frequencies are now open for new radio networks and uses. The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom is organising a consultation to survey stakeholders’ needs.

In Finland, the VHF 174–230 MHz frequency range was allocated for digital television operations until 31 March 2020. Following that date, the frequency range is available for new uses and radio systems, which are now being evaluated nationally on the basis of the needs of the various relevant actors.

In Europe, the 174–230 MHz frequency range is widely in Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB/DAB+) use, due to which no new uses for the range are planned in the region. Globally, the frequency range has other uses in addition to mass communications, which could be considered in Finland as well. These include various mobile service applications, such as industrial mobile or fixed data transmission and remote use connections, military use, TV production services and radio microphones. The availability of equipment is most likely greater in the case of the applications that are already in use around the world, but other uses of the frequency range are also possible.  

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom is organising an open consultation to survey stakeholders’ views and needs with regard to the possible new uses of the 174–230 MHz frequency range in Finland. 

Responses to the consultation can be submitted until 23.59 on Monday 30 November 2020.


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