Introduction of e-Authorizations postponed until January – Katso service in use until 13 February 2020

The introduction of e-Authorizations in Traficom’s e-services will be postponed until January. The Katso service will remain in use until 13 February 2020.

Notifications of the transfer of vehicles will be submitted with the same mandate as digital certificates when the e-Authorizations will be introduced. The same change will also apply to Katso roles. Learn about the mandates needed for Traficom’s services and grant the correct mandates for your company in the e-Authorizations service (External link) in time before the Katso service is phased out.

Company login in My e-Services using identification

Companies log in to the service with identification, i.e. a personal means of identification. These include online banking codes, certificate cards issued by the Population Register Centre and company mobile subscriptions. After identification, users select whether they are using the services as private individuals or on behalf of an organisation.

Some organisations cannot use e-Authorizations right away

The following organisations cannot use e-Authorizations in the first stage of introduction:

  • companies with two or more persons jointly holding the representation right (procuration)
  • foreign companies and companies with a Finnish Business ID but whose mandates will be managed by a foreign citizen
  • business partnerships
  • deemed partnerships
  • joint administrations
  • public organisations
  • associations and foundations
  • estates.

These organisations can continue to use Katso roles and maintain their roles in the Katso service after 13 February 2020 even though the Katso service can no longer be used to log in to My e-Services. When the e-Authorizations are taken in use, the Katso service will also be changed by transferring the right to submit a notification of transfer to the same role as digital certification rights.

The Katso roles used in Traficom’s services are connected to mandates in the background system of our services until mandates can be granted to these organisations as well. The definition of mandates will become relevant later in 2020. More information on the schedule will be provided later.

After 13 February 2020, all representatives of organisations have to log in to My e-Services via e-Authorization, using a personal means of identification.

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