Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

A client organisation of the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom’s Transport Register has reported of a misuse of their service. The Agency has blocked the client from accessing the Register and is investigating the situation. Traficom’s systems have not been data breached.

The misuse concerns vehicle owners and holders whose information has been queried in the service without justification. According to current information, there are approximately 65,000 owners and holders whose vehicle registration number starts with the letter A within the registration number range AAA-xxx to ALJ-xxx. As a result of misuse, the personal identity codes of vehicle owners and holders have been transferred from the client's system to a third party. In addition, publicly available names, addresses and vehicle technical information have been sought in connection with the misuse. Traficom has prevented the transfer of data to the client's service. 

Traficom's client organisation is responsible for the processing and protection of personal data disclosed to them. The client organisation has reported the matter to the Data Protection Ombudsman and police.

The Agency controls and monitors the use of data disclosed from the Transport Register. Suspicious occurrences are reacted to immediately. If necessary, access to the data will be blocked, as has been done now. Traficom’s systems have not been data breached. 

The Agency investigates the situation in cooperation with other authorities. The security of the processing of personal data is always a priority in the activities of the authorities.

The matter is related to a case reported by the Tax Administration on 15 May (External link)in which credit information record extracts had been falsely requested from The Positive credit register. 


The matter concerns those whose vehicle registration number starts with the letter A within the registration number range AAA-xxx to ALJ-xxx This does not apply to persons who have prohibited the disclosure of data for transport-related purposes.

Enquiries: Traficom's customer service, Mon–Fri 8–16.15, tel. +358 29 534 5100

General guidelines (External link) for a situation where personal data has been stolen or leaked.