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Responsible and Confidential Data Processing a Priority for Traficom

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom designs its services with the need to protect and respect privacy firmly in mind. The agency has adopted a new approach to development with data protection considerations built in.

2019 marked the inaugural year of Traficom's operations and a period for renewal and development. The agency reform has required coordinating processes and adopting new practices. “Our operational model for development has been designed with a particular focus on the role of data protection, information security and risk management in the context of development activities. Transparent development is one of its central principles”, explains Director of Security Jari Ylitalo. “We aim to keep developing the operational model using the methods of continuous improvement.”  

Traficom’s services are used millions of times a year. Ensuring the secure processing of data and a focus on data protection and information security are at the core of how we design our services. “Over the course of last year, we updated our electronic enquiry services by, for example, requiring identification for services containing personal data. Making sure that our services correspond to the needs of our customers is another priority”, Ylitalo says. 

Our 2019 Data Balance Sheet highlights successes and draws attention to growth opportunities while offering the informative content of a balance sheet.

Data Balance Sheet


Jari Ylitalo, Director of Security, tel. +358 295 390 118, jari.ylitalo(at), Twitter: @ylitalja (External link)