The safety investigation into the Immola aviation accident has been published – recommendations to improve the planning and documentation of flight trainingunnittelun ja dokumentoinnin parantamiseksi

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom has published the safety investigation into the flight accident at Immola Airport on 8 August 2020 Based on the investigation, Traficom issues recommendations concerning the requirements for skydiving training as well as the planning, implementation and documentation of the training. The aim is to promote and develop aviation safety.

On 8 August 2020, an accident occurred at Immola Airport involving a skydiving plane in which one person on the plane was severely injured and five people sustained minor injuries. The Safety Investigation Authority, Finland, carried out an initial investigation into the aviation accident, which was published on 27 August 2020. In the same autumn, Traficom appointed an investigation team to complete a safety investigation into the accident, in which it focused on investigating the reasons behind the accident as well as the flight training activities and operating models of skydiving clubs. 

“There has been a common concern in Europe for the safety of skydiving activities in recent years, and making the regulation more specific has been discussed. The aim of the safety investigation is always to improve and develop aviation safety,” says Deputy Director-General Jari Pöntinen

Recommendations concerning the requirements, planning and documentation of flight training

The investigation team made several observations to improve the planning and documentation of flight training. Traficom issues development suggestions as recommendations; among other things, they are related to the requirements on the training as well as the planning, implementation and documentation of the training.

“One of our recommendations on the basis of the investigation is that the training and orientation of skydiving pilots into skydiving flights should be based on a detailed, written training programme. This training and orientation should be documented,” Pöntinen says. 

In the safety investigation, it was also noted that the flight manual of the plane involved in the accident was not up to date. The flight manuals of old planes not being up to date may be a more widespread problem. Traficom is taking the appropriate measures to correct the situation.

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