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Front Page: Traficom

Shipping companies must report their ships that are covered by the EU Emissions Trading System to Traficom

Shipping companies complying with the obligations of the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) whose administering authority is Finland must report the information specified in Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) (2023/2599) to Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom. This press release details how the information must be submitted.

The obligation applies to

  1.  shipowners registered in Finland if they do not duly mandate an ISM company to handle the emissions trading of all of their ships on their behalf
  2.  ISM companies registered in Finland that are not shipowners, but are responsible for ships’ safety management systems and who a shipowner has duly mandated to handle emissions trading on their behalf (in accordance with the Emissions Trading Act (1270/2023))
  3. shipping companies as defined in the Emissions Trading Act (shipowner or other) that are not registered in Finland, but whose administering authority according to Article 3gf of the ETS Directive (2003/87/EC) is Finland, meaning Traficom. 

Information to be reported


If the shipping company complying with ETS obligations is the shipowner, the shipping company must provide Traficom with a document as defined in Article 2 of the Implementing Regulation that includes the list of the ships in respect of which the shipowner has assumed responsibility for ETS obligations and whose emissions fall within the scope of the ETS Directive. The document must include the shipowner’s information (including business ID) and the names and IMO ship identification numbers of the ships. 

If the shipowner changes, the shipping company must provide Traficom without delay with an updated document that includes an updated list of ships. 

The documents must be submitted via email to addresses and .

Shipping company that is not the shipowner: 

If the shipping company complying with ETS obligations is not the shipowner, it must provide Traficom with a mandate document as defined in Article 1 of the Implementing Regulation.

The appropriately signed and binding mandate document must be submitted by post to the Traficom Registry, in addition to which a copy of the document must be submitted via email to address

If the mandate document submitted by post is a copy, it must be certified as a true copy by a notary public or some other corresponding person defined by the shipping company’s administering authority. If the certified copy is issued outside of the Member State of the shipping company’s administering authority, the copy must be legalised.

Submission addresses:

Documents submitted via email must be submitted to the following addresses: and

Documents submitted by post must be delivered to the Traficom Registry at the address: 

Liikenne- ja viestintävirasto Traficom
PL 320

Further information:

Email enquiries:
Satu Kuurma, Chief Adviser,  tel. +358 29 534 6484