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Situational picture of disturbances in satellite navigation in Finland in 2024

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom has received an increasing number of reports of GPS interference in aircraft outside of Finland and over Finnish soil during the current year. The interference does not affect the safe performance of flights, because especially modern commercial aircraft have several alternative navigation systems.

The Agency has received around 1,200 notifications of GPS interference in aviation during 2024. There were 239 notifications in the area of Finland last year. Approximately 2,100 notifications have been filed from outside of Finland in 2024.  There have been numerous notifications of interference in the Black Sea, Kaliningrad and the Gulf of Finland areas.


YearFinland Finnish operators’ notifications outside of Finland
2024 (by 30 April)Around 1200Around 2100

In conflict zones or in the vicinity of these, jamming is typically used to protect one's own infrastructure or important sites, so the interference effect can also spread more widely. GPS interference originating from Russia is one example on the effects of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.

GPS interference reported in aviation is difficult to notice on the ground. GPS interference can be momentary and local, which makes it difficult to verify them afterwards. Traficom particularly monitors the reporting of aircraft, collects further information, and in cases of radio interference, cooperates with the Baltic countries, Sweden, and Norway.

In 2024, only five GPS interference instances taking place on the ground have been reported to Traficom. On the ground, GPS interference is usually temporary and local. 

Traficom detects low-power jammers from time to time, typically used in cars. They are used to try to hide the location of an individual vehicle, tachograph, or phone, for example. Jammers are illegal radio transmitters. Traficom cooperates with the police to remove them from operation. 

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