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Smart city infrastructure and services piloted: Towards global markets

LuxTurrim5G ecosystem, which is a multidisciplinary group of companies and research groups led by Nokia, is creating a digital backbone of the smart city and new data-based services in two parallel projects. LuxTurrim5G+ focuses on the productisation and practical piloting of the 5G smart pole concept created by the ecosystem, while the Neutral Host Pilot creates a platform utilising data in a reliable and secured way and develops new digital services to meet real needs of cities. This also includes evaluating and piloting the Neutral Host operating model in practice.

This two-year, EUR 26 million, co-development effort of 26 partners is funded by the participating companies and Business Finland. The common target is to use the piloting in the city of Espoo to reach the global smart city markets worth tens of billions euros.

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom participates in the development of the Neutral Host operating model especially through telecom and spectrum regulation, and supports the development of data-related operating models. The project also provides a platform for new visions of international interest for communications regulators.

“Neutral Host models could allow cost-efficient building of 5G network services in cities and along transport routes. Building out 5G extensively will require new approaches to, for example, business models and infrastructure sharing between operators, as well as telecom and spectrum regulation enabling these new solutions. We see clear socio-economic benefits in co-operative models of building the future digital infrastructure,” says Heidi Himmanen from the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom's 5G Momentum ecosystem.

The 5G Momentum ecosystem promotes the development and implementation of 5G services. The network coordinated by Traficom aims at identifying challenges related to the 5G environment and making Finnish 5G know-how visible. 5G Momentum is a joint ecosystem by Traficom, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and the Finnish Meteorological Institute. 


Heidi Himmanen,, tel. +358 295 390 441, email: firstname.lastname(at)