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Front Page: Traficom

Strategic Situational Picture of Transport Network Helps Lay Groundwork for Future Projects

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom has updated the strategic situational picture of the transport network in collaboration with the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA). The document was published on 21 January 2021. The situational picture examines development needs with regard to the transport network, including the state infrastructure network, and feeds into the implementation of the National Transport System Plan. In the future, the situational picture will be updated twice a year.

The strategic situational picture describes the nationally significant transport network and its most important hubs today and in the year 2032. The aim is to identify, at the level of transport links, the major national-level challenges and development needs with regard to the functioning of the transport network.

The situational picture is a technical expert report whose production was steered by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom was tasked with compiling the situational picture, while the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency produced the data on the state infrastructure network.

Situational picture underpinned by comprehensive data produced through stakeholder cooperation

The situational picture draws on statistics, reports produced both in and outside the context of this process, national traffic forecasts, and stakeholders’ comprehensive vision of current and future needs. The document also grew out of continuous stakeholder cooperation on the part of the agencies and the Ministry as well as discussions and hearings during the preparation of the National Transport System Plan.

The situational picture is part of a broader expert analysis of the transport system, which examines the current state, challenges and possible future trajectories of the transport system at a strategic level. Traficom is responsible for development work related to the transport system analysis. In this context, stakeholder cooperation is essential.

“We are developing a cooperation process to support the transport system analysis. This will entail a stakeholder consultation, which will be launched in February,” said Network Director Asta Tuominen from Traficom.

Situational picture to be updated twice a year

Spring 2020 marked the first time the strategic situational picture of the transport network was compiled. The data concerning the road and rail networks has now been updated and expanded. Other data has also been modified and updated, including the section on fairways.

“The situational picture now includes analyses of the street network and of the fulfilment of Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) criteria in the road and rail networks, fairways, ports and airports,” said Transport System Specialist Marko Mäenpää from Traficom.

“With regard to the state infrastructure network, the situational picture shows where the most critical needs are. The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency implements the National Transport System Plan (“Liikenne 12” plan) on the basis of the needs identified in the situational picture by e.g. creating an investment programme for the state infrastructure network, which outlines the central transport infrastructure projects,” said Anna Saarlo, Head of Department at the FTIA.

See the most recent version of the strategic situational picture of the transport network on Traficom's website (external link, pdf available in Finnish). (External link)


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