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Traficom’s star rating makes it easier to choose a domain name registrar

When you need a fi-domain name, you also need a domain name registrar to register it for you. To make it easier to choose a domain name registrar, the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom) has created a star rating system. It assesses the activities of domain name registrars with a particular focus on services needed by consumers and small businesses. Traficom supervises domain name registrars to ensure that the use of online services is safe and smooth.

Traficom has rated fi-domain name registrars for a third time on a scale of 0 to 5 stars based on the quality of their services. “The purpose of our star rating system is to help consumers and small businesses, in particular, find domain name registrars that meet their needs, as the customer service, service range, user guidance and information security offered by registrars vary greatly,” says Chief Specialist Juhani Juselius.  

The annual assessment affects the range of services offered to consumers and small businesses. Many of the domain name registrars participating in the assessment contacted Traficom during the assessment to tell that they have improved their services. Even though the assessment criteria were slightly stricter than last year, on average domain name registrars received better ratings than before.

This summer, 36 domain name registrars participated in the voluntary star rating assessment. Each participant has been given an overall rating on a scale of 0 to 5 stars. The rating covers various areas, such as the services provided by the registrar.  

Only five fi-domain name registrars received 5 stars. Ten registrars received 4.5 or 4 stars. None of the registrars received less than 1.5 stars for their domain name services. 

Participation in the assessment is voluntary for registrars. If a registrar does not have a star rating, it does not mean that it would perform any better or worse than the rated ones. “We encourage all domain name registrars to have their services assessed to make it easier for small businesses and private individuals to find the services they need,” Juselius says.

Traficom works to ensure secure, high-quality services for fi-domain names

There are over 3,000 domain name registrars providing domain names with the suffix .fi in Finland. They register domain names on their customers’ behalf and assist them with all related services, such as renewals. Usually registrars also provide optional services related to domain names, such as email and web hosting. 

Fi-domain name registrars are required to assist and advice their customers on matters concerning fi-domain names, such as domain name renewals and transfers to another holder. “Registrars play a key role in how easy it is to register and use fi-domain names,” says Juselius. 

The next star rating assessments will be carried out in 2022. We encourage all domain name registrars to take part in the assessment! 

View the assessment results (limit search to star rated registrars). 

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