Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom works to ensure the smooth everyday life, safety and sustainable development of transport and communications. The Agency also promotes the functioning of the transport system and communications networks and increases confidence in digital services. In addition to this, Traficom provides information to society as a basis for decision-making.

"The functioning, safety and sustainable development of transport and communications require multidisciplinary expertise and extensive cooperation both internally and with stakeholders. This allows people, goods and information to move smoothly and safely, making everyday life convenient,” says Director-General Jarkko Saarimäki 

Preparedness and readiness development play an important role

The development of preparedness and active cooperation with different operators were central to the agency’s operations in 2023. The situational picture focusing on the transport system and communications networks within the Ministry of Transport and Communications’ administrative branch was developed and clarified further to improve situational awareness, effectiveness and preparedness in society. In addition to this, the production and analysis of the cyber security situational picture to support the operations of the government’s highest public officials and preparedness personnel was also enhanced. The preparedness capacity of the Agency itself was also refined.

Finland to become leading country in data economy

Traficom promotes Finland's journey to be a top data economy player through networks. In 2023, we prepared for tasks in accordance with new regulation and established the Data Economy Network responsible for new official duties related to digital and data regulation at Traficom. The Agency has acted as the new national competent authority for the European Data Governance Act and the Digital Services Act from the start of 2024. 

Information and support for recovering from cyber incidents

The cyber security threat level remained elevated in 2023. The long-term increase in the number of cyber incidents levelled out, but at the end of the year, cyber incidents became more severe and targeted than before. The Information Sharing and Analysis Centres (ISAC) established on critical sectors and confidential relations with organisations offered important first-hand information on the cyber threats and phenomena impacting our society. The processing of information security incidents and support provided to citizens by the National Cyber Security Centre Finland (NCSC-FI) operating under Traficom provided significant financial benefits to Finnish society in 2023, as well.

Government support to benefit entire society

The support speeds up change and development. Traficom acts as a significant authority granting government support and allocating assistance and grants. Recipients include private individuals, the public sector, organisations and companies, meaning that the granted support has wide-reaching social impacts. 

Continuous development and more efficient operations

In 2023, we streamlined the processing of road transport licences and notifications as well as supervisory matters. We also set the objective of increasing the number of electronic vehicle tax bills in order to reduce postal costs. Furthermore, we continued to clarify our decision-making and developed our internal operations. We provide our staff with training and education to ensure continuous development, coaching management and good interaction.

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