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Updated revised Performance Plan for Air Navigation Services for the third reference period has been adopted at the national level

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has 16.11.2021 adopted the updated revised Performance Plan for Air Navigation Services for reference period 2020-2024 (RP3). The adopted plan has been submitted to the European Commission for assessment.

The performance plan has been revised according to Commission Regulation (EU) 2020/1627 due to COVID-pandemic.

The performance plan is a part of EU’s Single European Sky (SES) performance scheme, which aims to improve performance of air navigation services across Europe. The performance plan includes targets in four key areas: safety, environment, capacity and cost-efficiency.

More information

For any questions related to the performance plan, please contact Mr. Jani Luiro (jani.luiro(at) or Ms. Päivi Palokangas (paivi.palokangas(at)