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Application for approval or renewal of approval as a medical examiner of seafarers

Traficom approves the medical examiners for seafarers working in Finland.

From 1 July 2018, to apply for initial approval as a medical examiner of seafarers, physicians who have successfully completed the medical examiners’ basic course have to prove their competence and hold the right to practice as a medical specialist in a relevant field of medicine. The medical specialist requirement does not apply to medical examiners approved before the said date if they prove their competence and apply for renewal of the approval by 1 July 2020.

As a rule, initial approval must be applied for within a year after completing the training course.

Renewal of approval as a medical examiner of seafarers

The approval of medical examiners of seafarers is granted for a maximum of five years.

To maintain professional competence and retain the approval, a medical examiner of seafarers must:

  • attend refresher training at least once or twice depending on the training offering and the number of examinations they have performed.

Submit your application for approval via electronic services