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Apply for an obstacle permission

Obstacle permit is required for setting up a facility, building, structure or sign that may constitute a hazard to air traffic.

To apply for a permission to set up an obstacle to air navigation, the one setting up the obstacle must first obtain a statement from the air traffic service provider (Fintraffic ANS, previously ANS Finland). Instructions on how to apply for a statement are given on Fintraffic ANS website (External link)(only in Finnish). For wind powerplants located at sea (even if near the shore), a statement from the Finnish Border Guard must also be obtained.

If an application for permission to set up an obstacle to air navigation is submitted to Traficom, Fintraffic ANS's statement must be attached.

The processing time for the application varies according to the type of obstacle. The permission is subject to a fee (External link). Fintraffic ANS charges a separate fee for its obstacle statement.

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