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Front Page: Traficom

Flight safety report

Use these forms to report any civil aviation accidents, serious incidents and occurrences, as specified in Regulation (EU) 376/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council, which have taken place in the territory of Finland or involved a Finnish aircraft operating outside Finland.

Accidents, serious incidents and occurrences in civil aviation in the Finnish territory must be reported in accordance with EU Regulation 376/2014 (External link).
Mandatorily reportable occurrences are listed in the appendices of EC regulation 2015/1018 (External link).
In addition you can always make a voluntary report any safety information or occurrence you consider might be an actual or potential hazard to aviation safety.

The report is made using the above reporting forms. There are separate reporting forms for drone operations and for ground handling and aerodrome operations, and a separate form for all other types of aviation activities.
You can find further guidance within the reporting forms. 

To get most safety benefit from the report, please provide in sufficient detail in the "event description":

  • what happened?
  • what were the consequences?
  • evaluate the cause of the event and the factors affecting it.
  • evaluate what could be done or what has already been done to prevent a similar occurrence from happening again
  • describe the weather if it was relevant in the situation

For more information on the procedures and guidance material applicable in Finland, see guide GEN T1-4 (External link)

Occurrence details (excluding personal information) are stored in the European Commission's Eccairs Information System to monitor the state of flight safety.
All occurrences are managed in accordance with Just Culture principles (External link)

How to make an occurrence report (in Finnish)