Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

In principle, Traficom's registers are public. However, you have a right to restrict the disclosure of your personal data. You can restrict the disclosure of your data depending on the intended use of the data. This means that you can choose the purposes for disclosing your data.

These purposes include:

Companies and organisations cannot restrict the disclosure of their data for activities other than those involving development and innovation.

How to prohibit the disclosure of your data


You can prohibit the disclosure of your data in Traficom's e-Services (External link) under 'Omat tiedot' (available in Finnish and Swedish).

Or by telephone +358 29 534 5100 (standard local network charge/standard mobile rate) (Mon-Fri 8.00-16.15).

Non-disclosure for safety reasons

If you have a justified reason to suspect that the health or safety of yourself or your family could be  threatened, you may apply for an order of non-disclosure for personal safety from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. The non-disclosure recorded by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency is automatically transferred to the Transport Register maintained by Traficom.

In the Transport Register, non-disclosure for personal safety reasons means that your name and contact details can only be disclosed to public authorities and for the completion of a statutory task. Your details will also be omitted from automatically printed registration certificates. This means that you cannot order a registration certificate via our e-services. Instead, you have to order the certificate in person at a vehicle inspection station that offers registration services.