Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Railway undertakings need a licence to operate rail transport as their main business in Finland. The licence requirements are based on sections 53-57 of the Transport Services Act (320/2017). The licence ensures that the railway undertaking and its management have the required good reputation, financial standing and professional competence.

Detailed licence requirements are set out a regulation issued by Traficom:

Traficom acts as the licensing authority in Finland, and railway undertakings established in Finland can apply for a licence from Traficom using the form below. A licence issued to a railway undertaking is valid throughout the EU, and a register of licences is maintained on the website of the European Union Agency for Railways: (External link)

If a railway undertaking is already licenced in another EU country, it does not need to apply for a new licence from Traficom. However, Traficom monitors the licences of railway undertakings operating in Finland and in particular the adequacy of their liability insurance policies. If the liability coverage required in another EU country is not sufficient to operate in Finland, Traficom may require the railway undertaking to increase its liability to a nationally determined level. The minimum liability amounts applied in Finland are specified in Traficom’s instructions: