Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

A telecommunications operator must submit an electronic notification to Traficom before commencing operations. Traficom shall be immediately notified of any changes in the operations affecting the information entered in the notification or if the operator discontinues operations. These notifications are also submitted through an electronic form. A telecommunications operator subject to notification or licence is obliged to pay an annual information society fee to Traficom.

Use this service if


You intend to start providing communications or network services.

  • Communications services are services consisting of transmitting messages in a communications network, and of transfer and transmission services in mass communications networks.
  • Network services refer to services in which an operator provides a communications network in its ownership for the purpose of transmitting or distributing messages.

The information you have previously provided to Traficom has changed. Please notify Traficom of any of the following:

  • Changes in the contact information of the company / association / entrepreneur providing telecommunications services
  • Changes related to the designated contact person or the contact person's details
  • Changes in the network or communications services provided to customers

You intend to terminate the provision of the communications or network services concerned by a previous notification.

Instructions for submitting a notification

Which operations are covered by the notification obligation?

Submitting a telecommunications notification is mandatory for operators engaged in public telecommunications, i.e. the provision of network or communications services to a set of users not subject to any prior restriction.

Communications services comprise all services that entail the transmission of messages in a communications network as well as transfer and transmission services in communications networks, including mass communications networks.

Network services refer to services in which an operator provides a communications network in its ownership for the purpose of transmitting or distributing messages.

Operations for which a telecommunications notification must be submitted include but are not limited to the following:

  • Provision of internet access or telephone services
  • Maintenance and provision of communications networks for the purposes of providing communications services
  • Maintenance and provision of television and radio networks
  • Broadcasting in a television or radio network
  • Satellite-transmitted television operations, if the actual broadcasting takes place in Finland

To whom does the notification obligation apply?

The notification obligation applies to operators engaged in public telecommunications. The obligation is thus not limited to commercial companies, but also extends to other providers of communications and network services. Providers other than commercial companies should enter the details of the relevant entrepreneur, association, educational institution or other entity in the notification form's “name of the company” field.

The notification obligation does not apply to operators that exclusively provide number-independent interpersonal communications services. Number-independent interpersonal communications services include instant messaging services and email services.

How are telecommunications notifications processed?

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency sends the notifier confirmation of receipt within one week of the date on which the notification was submitted.

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency transmits the notifications it receives to the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC).

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