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Front Page: Traficom
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5G Momentum

The 5G Momentum ecosystem was created to enable Finland to reach its goal of becoming number one in 5G technology. Through experiments in the ecosystem, we can gain expertise in 5G, learn to identify future opportunities and facilitate collaboration. 5G Momentum accelerates the development of new innovative services for consumers, companies and public administration alike.
While the “Nopea laajakaista” (High-Speed Broadband) project is on the home stretch, support for construction will continue, as a new aid project received EUR 5 million in additional funding. The n...
In ideal conditions, more than 1.8 million Finnish households had access to fast 100 Mbps 5G connections at the end of last year, representing 67% of all households. The availability of 5G is conce...
The terms of use of the frequency range for amateur radio operations have changed along with the new Radio Frequency Regulation 4AA/2021 M which will enter into force in 2021.
According to a survey by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, Finns need more information on the environmental impact of IT devices and services. The environmental impact conne...