Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Provide the company invoicing address for vehicle tax

Companies can receive their vehicle tax bills as e-invoices or by post to a separate invoicing address. If Traficom is not given a separate postal address for invoicing, the tax bill will be sent to the address recorded for the company in the Transport Register.

The head office address information is updated directly in the Transport Register through the Business Information System.

If a company has several vehicles subject to tax (at least ten) and it is able to receive e-invoices, the company can enter into an agreement with Traficom to receive one monthly e-invoice covering all the vehicles.

Use the electronic service to provide Traficom with your company’s invoicing address for vehicle tax payment.

Follow these steps to provide the company’s invoicing address for vehicle tax through My e-Services


Log in to My e-Services

Log in with your personal online banking credentials, mobile certificate or certificate card. Select to act on behalf of your company.

In order to change the company’s invoicing information, you must be authorised to represent the company or maintain traffic operator data and permits. Read more: E-services for transport and authorisations


Go to the “Organisation information” tab

 Find the “Organisation information” tab at the top of the front page.


Select “Vehicle tax invoicing” in the invoicing information

 You can update the company’s e-invoicing address and/or postal address for letters.


Vehicle tax invoicing

You can give the notification for the head office and/or other business locations.

You can update the invoicing address information on the “Offices” tab.

In order to use e-invoicing, the company must have an e-invoicing address. You must also provide the company’s e-invoice operator’s information.


Save the updated information

The invoicing address shall remain valid indefinitely from the update date onwards.