Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Sending the vehicle tax bill

The vehicle tax bill is sent to taxpayer to the permanent address recorded in the Transport Register, unless a different address or delivery method has been reported to Traficom. 

Will your vehicle tax bills be sent to Messages as of November 2023?

If you are currently receiving your vehicle tax bills only as paper letters and you are using Messages, your vehicle tax bills will only be sent to Messages as of 1 November 2023. More information: 

By using Messages, you can receive messages from various authorities in electronic format instead of traditional paper mail. Thank you for choosing the environmentally friendly option and helping us reduce public spending.

Private individuals

Address changes for private individuals are updated automatically via the Population Information System.

Order your vehicle tax bill to your online bank (External link) for an easier way to pay the vehicle tax with accurate payment information.


Company vehicle tax bills will be sent to the address shown in the Transport Register. 

Company tax bills can also be sent as an e-invoice or to a separate invoicing address.  (External link)

If your company has at least ten vehicles subject to tax, you can enter into an agreement with Traficom to receive one monthly e-invoice covering all the vehicles (External link)