Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Railway undertakings operating in Finland need a single safety certificate. The certificate proves that the railway undertaking has a safety management system and is able to comply with its legal obligations regarding safety.

More information and a description of the safety management system (SMS) needed to obtain a single safety certificate can be found on our SMS web page .

How to apply for a single safety certificate?


Get to know to the European and national legislation and guidance governing the activities of railway undertakings

Applicants should read the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/763 establishing practical arrangements for issuing single safety certificates and the related guidance. The European Railway Agency (ERA) has published an application guide that explains to applicants the application process and the applicable legislation and requirements. Traficom has also published an application guide that complements the ERA guidance with issues specific to Finland.


Choose the safety certification body: Traficom or European Railway Agency (ERA)

In the case of rail operations in more than one EU country, ERA will be the safety certification body. In the case of rail operations strictly in Finland, the applicant can choose whether to apply to ERA or Traficom. The process is the same regardless of which authority acts as the safety certification body. In both cases, Traficom will assess the national rules in the application of single safety certificate.


Submit the application through the One-Stop Shop

All applications for a single safety certificate must be submitted electronically through the One-Stop Shop (OSS) (External link). All information and material concerning the application can be accessed through the OSS. 

Applicants can also submit a ‘pre-engagement’ application before submitting the actual application. The goal of pre-engagement is to help applicants understand what is expected from them. Pre-engagement is optional for the applicant but mandatory for the safety certification body and/or the National Safety Authority (NSA) responsible for the area of operation if the applicant requests it. 

Applications to Traficom be submitted in Finnish, Swedish or English.

Traficom charges EUR 200 per hour for the assessment of an application. The same charge also applies to the pre-engagement process. The price is the same regardless of whether the application was originally submitted to Traficom or ERA.