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Invoicing address

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency only accepts electronic invoices. E-invoices must include the contract number, the name of the person who placed the order, the unit and function, and any other reference information given in connection with the order. The requirement for e-invoices does not concern invoices paid to foreign bank accounts.

Finnish Transport and Communications Agency’s invoicing address:

E-invoicing address / EDI code


OpusCapita Solutions Oy’s operator code


Agency’s business ID


Agency’s VAT number


The Agency’s invoicing address to be entered in the e-invoice address field:

Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom)

Sector that placed the order (Director General/Services for Motorists/Transport System Services/Digital Connections/National Cyber Security Cent/Efficient Traffic and Transport for the Future/Sustainable and clean environment/Strategy and governance/Security and Privacy/ICT Services/Administration/Communication)

PO Box 96212

Free e-invoicing software

If your invoicing software does not support e-invoices, you can submit your invoices using one of the following free e-invoicing services: