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You will need an aircraft maintenance licence (Part-66) to work as a civil aircraft maintenance mechanic (certifying staff). Part-66 licences are divided into seven categories depending on the content of the relevant tasks.

How to obtain your first aircraft maintenance licence


Age requirement

To apply for an aircraft maintenance licence, you must be at least 18 years of age


Training and examinations

The required training for category A and B includes a basic training course and examinations. The level of knowledge required for each licence category and subcategory is demonstrated by completing a basic knowledge examination organised by an approved Part-147 training organisation. Category L knowledge examination is organised by aviation authority.

A category C licence may also be issued to an applicant holding an academic degree in a technical discipline from a university or other higher educational institution.


Experience requirements

When you are applying for your first licence, you must have acquired the relevant work experience within the 10 years preceding your application. Experience requirements are lowest for applicants who have completed an approved basic training course and basic knowledge examinations in a Part-147 training organisation and highest for applicants with no vocational training in a technical field. Between these two extremes are applicants who have completed a vocational qualification approved by Traficom, such as a basic training course in some other category/subcategory than the one that the application concerns.

Applicants are required to have diverse practical maintenance experience on operating civil aircraft. Applicants must have at least 6 months of recent maintenance experience during the year preceding the application. Traficom may also accept experience gained outside a civil aircraft maintenance environment to count towards the experience requirement. However, applicants must still have at least 12 months of civil aircraft maintenance experience. 12 months time period can be compensated with 200 days maintenance experience.

For a category C licence obtained through the academic route, applicants must have at least three years of civil aircraft maintenance experience. The experience must cover a diverse range of tasks directly associated with aircraft maintenance, including minimum six months of observation of base maintenance tasks.

Basic experience requirements (in years)A, B1.2, B1.4, B3B1.1, B1.3, B2
Module examinations35
Module examinations + AMC 66.A.30(a)3. Skilled worker23
Part-147 basic training course12



Medical requirements

EU legislation does not include any medical requirements for Part-66 licence applicants.


Apply for a licence

Please note that the EMAR-66 license issued by the military aviation authority does not entitle the applicant to apply for a Part-66 license, but the applicant must prove the training and experience requirements of the Part-66 license.

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