Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Temporary deregistration

Deregister your watercraft if it has been 

  • redeemed
  • sold abroad
  • transported abroad 
  • decommissioned 
  • broken 
  • sunk, or 
  • stolen.

The owner of a watercraft that does not meet the requirements for registration, such as a length of 5.5 metres with an engine power of 15 kW or 20.4 hp, may deregister the watercraft.

If you want to attach a watercraft engine to another watercraft, remove the engine before deregistering the watercraft.

The watercraft may be reregistered later if it is retaken into service.

Final deregistration

If the watercraft has been permanently destroyed or scrapped , you may submit a notification on its final deregistration. Final deregistration refers to the deregistration of a watercraft that will never again be registered. Final deregistration always requires a specific report from the owner.