Access to hydrographic data and licenses

All hydrographic data belonging to the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom is protected under the Copyright Act. Access to the data for anything other than navigational purposes is enabled with an open data licence or a licence for hydrographic data (with certain exceptions).

The primary access channel to all of Traficom’s hydrographic data is the The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency’s view and download service (External link). Most of the material can be downloaded free of charge via this service with an open data licence , with the exception of certain listed hydrographic data, which can also be downloaded free of charge for purposes other than navigational use when the terms and conditions of the hydrographic data licence are met.

The navigational purpose shall be based on an agreement procedure. Please send inquiries about this via e-mail copyright (at) 

or via this form (External link)

Navigational purposes refer to all maritime operations, such as route planning, positioning, setting the best course and ensuring the vessel’s safe passage.