Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

As per the new Road Traffic Act, yellow barrier lines are changed to white and roadsides are equipped with new traffic signs. The new traffic signs include signs for traffic lanes merging and minimum speed. In addition, many traffic signs have been made easier to read. For example, the patterns and characters used in signs have been simplified. Altered traffic signs will mainly be replaced within a transition period of 10 years.

New road markings and traffic signs
Road markings

  • Yellow barrier lines are changed to white. Both white and yellow barrier lines will be used during the transition period. Yellow barrier lines must be replaced with white ones no later than 31 May 2023.
  • Cycling path extensions are only marked if other traffic is obliged to give way and at traffic light-controlled crossing points. Cycling path extensions must be marked within a transition period of two years.
  • The centre line road marking can be replaced by two parallel centre lines.

Read more about other changes on the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency website at (External link)

    Traffic signs

    Signs etc. interfering with the visibility or effect of traffic control devices

    • A sign, marking or device that can be confused with a traffic control device or that can interfere with the visibility or effectiveness of a traffic control device, dazzle road users or disturb their alertness may not be placed on the road or in its immediate vicinity. Such advertisements may be removed by the police or the road operator.