Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

A digital certificate is a six-digit code which gives the owner the right to make changes to the ownership or holder information of a vehicle or a watercraft.

The registered owner of a vehicle or a watercraft may create the certificate in Traficom's online service. The digital certificate is valid for 14 days.

Using a digital certificate when selling/buying a vehicle

Please note that some of Traficom’s e-services and PDF forms are only available in Finnish and Swedish.

Vehicle seller (registered owner)


Send the notification of transfer

Send the notification of transfer (External link) via Traficom’s online service and check that you do not have to make any further payments on the vehicle. Keep the deed of transfer in case there are disagreements concerning the sale.

Vehicle buyer


Register the change of ownership within seven days

Take a motor vehicle liability insurance policy for the vehicle and register it within seven days of the sale.

The buyer can register the change of ownership using the digital certificate via the online service of Traficom or his/her insurance company , or at a registration point .

The ownership of a vehicle in traffic use can only be changed in Traficom’s online service if the vehicle is covered by a motor vehicle liability insurance. You can take the insurance policy and register the vehicle in insurance companies’ online services .

Note that if the vehicle that you have bought has been decommissioned , it must be commissioned before use.