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Registration of a watercraft with no documents

Did you buy a boat but have no documentation on the deal? In this case, you should send a notification directly to Traficom either by mail or e-mail.

Do the following

1: Fill in a notification form

Fill in a notification form (External link). All information marked with an asterisk (*) on this form is mandatory. You can speed up the processing of your registration by filling in the notification form carefully. Remember to sign the form.   

Make sure you enter the engine serial number in the correct format.   Different makes have different serial number formats. Having the correct engine serial number in important to make sure that the system can find the information if the engine has already been registered or if the manufacturer has submitted an advance notification. For example, you can bring a photograph of the engine serial number if you are not sure which digits to include.

2: Take copies of any existing documents

Attach copies of all possible documents to your notification. If you send the notification by e-mail, you can take photographs of the documents and attach them to your mail. 

Please note that a deed of transfer in which the engine is identified must also be produced for the engine.

3: Write a freely worded account of the missing documents

Explain in your account from whom you bought the boat and when. If you have more information about the boat’s ownership or other history, also record that information in your account. 

Sign your account.

4: Send the signed notification with its attachments to Traficom

Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom 

PO Box 320 

00059 TRAFICOM  

5: The registration certificate will be mailed to you in about two weeks

Once your account has been accepted, the registration certificate will be mailed to your home address in about two weeks.