Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

You may apply to Traficom for a licence, certificate or attestation even if you are not a Finnish citizen. When processing applications, we check that the applicant does not have other applications pending or licences issued in other member states or that a licence previously issued to the applicant has not been revoked in another EASA member state. All licences that a pilot holds must be issued by the authority of the same member state.

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom requires obtaining a Finnish personal identity code from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (External link). The personal identity code is used to identify persons in the registers and information systems of different authorities as well as in data communication between them. Traficom must verify the applicant's identity in order to identify the applicant and to carry out tasks related to aviation safety. The applicant must hold a personal identity code when submitting the application.

Under the Language Act, Finnish and Swedish are the official languages used when communicating with the authorities in Finland. The authorities may also provide services in English, if necessary.

In the field of aviation, personnel licences and the related theoretical knowledge examinations, changing the state of licence issue from Finland to another member state, medical certificates and their transfer as well as negative decisions are all subject to a fee. You can check the current prices from the Ministry of Transport and Communications’ Decree on services subject to a fee .


You may apply to the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom for a Finnish pilot licence, an aircraft maintenance licence (Part-66) or an air traffic controller licence based on a licence issued by another EASA member state. This means changing your state of licence issue from the original country to Finland.

Licences and medical certificates are always administratively issued by the authority of the same member state. Therefore, they must both be replaced when you change your state of licence issue.

How to apply for changing the state of licence issue to Finland


Send your application form to Traficom

Begin the process to change your state of licence issue by sending an application for the licence in question to the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency. In the field for additional information, enter “Change of the state of licence issue” and the country where your original licence was issued.

Append to the application copies of the following documents: your current licences and any accompanying documents, your medical certificate if you have one, and your passport.

If you do not yet hold a licence but are applying to Traficom for one, a possible medical certificate issued in another EASA member state must also be transferred. In this case, please contact Traficom’s traffic medicine unit at liikennelaaketiede (at)

Part-66 licences are recognised in all EASA member states, and you do not need to transfer your Part-66 licence to Finland to work here. However, you may wish to transfer your licence to Finland for career development reasons.

If you hold an air traffic controller licence, it may be transferred from another EASA member state to Finland only if you intend to exercise your privileges to work in Finland. You must demonstrate that you will participate in unit training provided by an approved training organisation. Individual EASA member states, including Finland, may not recognise air traffic controller licences issued or training provided by a third country.


Verification of licence and medical certificate details from the authority of the original state of issue

Once Traficom has begun processing your application, it will verify the information regarding the licence and a possible medical certificate from the authority in the state where the documents were issued. This typically takes several weeks depending on processing times in the other country.

The official processing your application will inform you when the verification request has been sent to the authority in the state that originally issued your licence.

For the transfer of your medical certificate, you must authorise Traficom to request information about your medical records from the authority in the state that issued the certificate. To this end, our traffic medicine unit will email you a transfer form.


Surrender of current licence and medical certificate to Traficom

If the authority in the original state of licence issue verifies the details of your licence and possible medical certificate and no information is missing, we ask you to send your current licence and medical certificate to Traficom by post or to bring the document(s) in person to one of our offices.

This is because a person may never hold more than one EASA licence at a time. Please do not submit your licence or medical certificate to us before asked to do so by the official processing your application! Documents are always sent at the sender’s risk.

How to apply for changing the state of licence issue from Finland to another EASA member state


Notify the authority of the recipient country of your wish to change the state of licence from Finland to the relevant member state

Changing the state of licence from Finland to another EASA member state is subject to a fee. The fee for transferring license and medical data to another EASA member state is determined in accordance with the fee regulation . In addition, the receiving country may charge other fees.


The receiving state's authority asks Traficom to confirm the applicant's license information and to provide the medical information with the necessary attachments

For the transfer of aeromedical data, a signed consent is required from the applicant, which is usually delivered to the country receiving the license. Traficom processes license and medical information confirmation requests in the order of arrival.


The receiving country issues the licence to the applicant

When the license is issued, the applicant must return the Finnish licence and medical certificate to the authority of the receiving country.

Cabin Crew

You must apply for a cabin crew attestation in the EASA member state whose authority supervises the training organisation where you completed the cabin crew training.

It is not possible or necessary to change the state of issue.