Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

We collect information

We collect information on prices of regulated products charged by companies and publish price comparisons. We review the information and give feedback. We pay special attention to cost calculations related to regulated products and the use of cost accounting systems.

We aim at reasonable prices, which take the operator's costs of producing the product or service into account. When setting prices, we also take return expectations on the capital employed into consideration.

We resolve conflicts

Sometimes telecommunications operators disagree what obligations actually mean in their relations.

We recommend contacting us already before the problem becomes urgent. If possible, we try to find solutions through negotiation to save everybody time and money.

If unofficial negotiations are not successful, we can instigate official proceedings. We can still refer the matter to mediation and act as an unofficial mediator at the parties’ request.

Our decisions are open to appeal

If we do not reach an agreement through mediation, we issue a decision open to appeal at the request of the parties within four months. However, the deadline does not apply to unusually extensive cases.

We settle complaints and disputes usually by hearing the parties in writing. The parties must provide their clarifications and statements within one or two weeks.

After that, we issue a reasoned written decision on the compliance of the operations and oblige the parties violating or neglecting regulations to remedy the situation. We can also impose conditional fines, a threat of termination or a threat of completion. The decision must be complied with despite any appeal, unless the appellate authority orders otherwise.