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What is joint construction

Joint construction means that excavation work related to electricity, telecommunications, transport and water supply networks are performed jointly. Different infrastructure networks are constructed at the same time, and all parties to the joint construction share the costs. Joint installation reduces construction costs compared to all operators constructing their networks independently.

Traficom promotes the joint construction of telecommunications networks and other networks and encourages the joint use of the existing network infrastructure. To achieve this, Traficom maintains and develops an extensive (External link) service (in Finnish and in Swedish) as well as the joint construction network.

The Finnish joint construction act entered into force on 1 July 2016. The act contains provisions on the joint use of existing networks and the joint construction of new infrastructure. Under the act, all network operators must allow another network operator to use their physical infrastructure as well as agree to another network operator's request on joint construction on fair and reasonable terms. An operator may only refuse the use of infrastructure or a request on joint construction on grounds specified in the act.

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