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Protect the names and trademarks of your company

You can use your domain name in the address of your website and your email, which means that it is an important part of your company's brand online. The names and trademarks of your company are also a part of the brand. Always register your company name and trademark. This way you can keep your domain name protected, too.

A company’s brand and image are based on its domain name, company name and trademark. Ideally, you want an fi-domain name that matches your company's registered company name or trademark.

If someone else registers a domain name that is identical to your protected name or trademark, you can make a claim to have the domain name transferred to you, unless the domain name holder can present an acceptable reason for registering the domain name . If the domain name is similar to your protected name or trademark, you must be able to prove that the domain name holder tries to benefit from your protected name or trademark or to harm your operations . Keep in mind that your evidence must be strong.

If you want to make a claim to remove a domain name infringing your company name or trademark, note that your name or trademark must have been registered before the fi-domain name subject to the claim. The removal claim may only be based on an unregistered name or trademark if the trademark is clearly established .

Therefore, we strongly advise you to register the name and trademark of your company, as well as the matching domain name, as soon as possible. It is very important to verify that the fi-domain name is lawful before registering it. If your domain name infringes someone else's protected name or trademark, you can lose your domain name. You can register name and trademark at the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.