Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

What is Traficom’s jurisdiction in fi-domain names disputes?

Traficom may remove an fi-domain name from the register if it infringes a protected name or trademark owned by another party. Traficom does not monitor website content. If necessary, report website content to the police.

Traficom cannot:

  • remove a domain name based on website content
  • assess the lawfulness of website content
  • order website content to be removed or website to be shut down.

If the protection of a name or trademark begins after the registration of the domain name, the domain name has not infringed the name or trademark at the time of registration. If a removal claim is based on a protected name or trademark that has been registered after the domain name, the claim will be rejected like other removal claims without legal basis .

Contact a registrar when

  • you want to conclude a contract with a registrar
  • you want to change your registrar
  • you want to update your contact details in the domain name register
  • you want to make changes to your domain name (transfer, remove from register, etc.)
  • you have questions regarding invoicing of domain names.

Traficom provides guidance when

Contact another authority in the following cases:

Watch out for scammers in web (in Finnish)!