New leaf turns in the history of telecommunications - Fortum’s Loviisa Power Plant gets its own mobile network

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom responds to the changing needs of digitalised society by granting the first ever licence to local mobile networks. These radio networks for a limited user group implemented by mobile communications technology are intended to be used locally in, for example, factories, ports, airports, power plants and mines for their own operations. The first, and thus historical, radio licence for frequency band 2300-2320 Mhz was granted to Fortum's Loviisa Power Plant.

An own private mobile network provides further opportunities for the power plant to promote development projects related to digitalisation and offers people working in the same area the possibility to use a new wireless call solution. After receiving the licence for the mobile network, Fortum can utilise mobile communications technology for its own tailored needs, whether it be for bigger data transfer capacity or for new types of network applications.

“Networks of good quality provide a foundation for new services, applications and innovations. It is wonderful that Fortum Power and Heat Oy has, as a pioneer, courageously decided to build its own private mobile network to support its operations and improve their efficiency. I hope that this will serve as an example and open up opportunities also for other business operators”, states Traficom’s Director-General Kirsi Karlamaa.

“At Loviisa Power Plant, we have been creating different digitalisation solutions promoting the production and safety of the power plant for years. The private mobile network and mobile data will enable the utilisation and development of digitalisation even better than before in the entire power plant area”, says Loviisa Power Plant's IT Manager Tomas Nystöm.

Use of the frequency band 2300-2320 MHz (in Finnish) 

More information 

Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom: Development Manager Tapio Penkkala, tel. +358 295 390 434, tapio.penkkala(at)

Fortum, Loviisa Power Plant: IT Manager Tomas Nyström, tel. +358 50 455 3846, tomas.nystrom(at)

The frequency band 2300-2320 MHz was opened for private local radio networks for a limited user group based on mobile communications technology, such as Private LTE Networks, on 15 June 2020. Radio networks operating in this frequency band may only be used for private local radio networks for a limited user group based on mobile communications technology. The frequency band is not intended to be used for the construction of regional networks that are larger than local networks. The networks must not be used for public telecommunications to a non-restricted user group.