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Go to Search e-Authorizations introduced in My e-Services e-Authorizations are now introduced in My e-Services of the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom. Login using KATSO identification is also possible until 28 August 2020.


Read more about authorizations on and make sure that you have the correct mandates for your company in time before the Katso service is phased out. e-Authorizations are not yet available for estates of deceased persons, business partnerships, tax partnerships, joint-benefit administrations, public organisations, associations not registered in the Finnish Register of Associations, foundations, foreign companies or individuals, and companies that require the signatures of two at the same time. These organisations will, after 14 March 2020, be able to log in using the e-Identification service, but the relevant KATSO roles will remain and can be maintained as before.

Enquiries Maaria Toikka, Chief Specialist, tel. +358 50 3766 015