Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

A special registration plate is a vehicle registration plate with a register number (special number) selected by the customer for a particular vehicle.

Special registration plates may be applied for by submitting an application to Traficom. Decisions concerning special registration plates are vehicle-specific.  

You may inquire about the availability of register numbers by contacting the Traficom telephone service at 358 (0) 29 534 5100 (local network charge/mobile call charge) or the Traficom chat.

You can apply for a special registration plate by submitting an electronic form in My e-Services or by printing a PDF form (B107). Fill in carefully all sections of the application, including the vehicle identification number. Please note that you cannot book or have a right of priority to the registration number applied for by submitting an incomplete application.

If you wish to use our services on behalf of a company or organisation using e-Authorizations, you will need the Vehicle Registrations mandate or the Create Vehicle Certificates and Submit Notifications of Transfer mandate. For more detailed instructions, see our page on electronic transport services and e-Authorizations .

Do as follows


Login to My e-Services and select the menu ‘Ajoneuvot’ (vehicles).


On the right-hand side of the vehicles page, click on the button ‘Erityiskilpihakemus’ (application for special registration plate).


Fill in and submit the application.

The decision on your application for special registration plates will be sent to you to via Messages or by post. You will receive an invoice for the decision afterwards. The invoice will be sent to you via Messages if you are using the service. Otherwise, the invoice will be sent to you by post. Please note that the fee charged for the decision may be directly recovered by enforcement. Read more about the prices of registration services. (External link)

The plates will be sent to the vehicle inspection station you have specified in your application. 

When you register your vehicle, please present the special registration plate decision. The vehicle inspection station will charge a separate fee for the registration and the registration plates.