Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

We all share the drive to move and communicate. Your connections are close to our heart.

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Kuvituskuva: Ihmisiä istuu pöydän ympärillä toimistossa.
Traficoms organisation consists of four Areas of Expertise and two Impact Networks.

Work on the future

Traficom’s work on the future concentrates on the phenomena of the digital society, creating networks and enterprises and helping authorities to make preparations for the future.

Subsidies and support

Kolme miestä istuu työpöydän ääressä jolla on avoin läppäri ja kyniä sekä papereita. Kaksi miestä kättelee.
Subsidies and support granted by Traficom (in Finnish).


Yleisöä istuu salissa kuuntelemassa puhujaa.
Traficom organises annually dozens of stakeholder events.


Traficom’s customer service, offices and invoicing information

Research and development

The aim of Traficom’s research and development work is to support Traficom and its experts in performing their tasks and to achieve the set objectives.
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Our service promise

We promote the development of the information society and of the transport system. We provide accessible and secure services and make changes in them on the basis of customers’ needs and response. Our switchboard service is open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4.15 pm and will answer your call within 45 seconds. Electronic contact forms are handled within 5 working days.