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Air cargo and secure transport chain

All air cargo is subject to security measures. The measures can consist of either screenings or transport of cargo in a supervised and secured transport chain. Despatch of cargo in a supervised transport chain speeds up the mobility of streams of goods because other security measures are not needed.

Traficom gives a company participating in the transport chain a regulatory approval related to the security measures and, thus, supervises the safety of air cargo in Finland. Those participating in the transport chain include the regulated agent (cargo forwarder, transport company) and the known consignor (manufacturer of the product) 

A so-called concise security clearance is required from persons responsible for security in the companies participating in the transport chain and from all of those who participate in the security measures related to air cargo. These security clearances are applied for from Finavia. 

Regulated agents

Approval as a known consignor

A known consignor is a company that manufactures a product or assembles a product from such parts in which prohibited articles can be clearly recognised without any instruments and can be prevented from ending up in the end product in the assembly phase.

A regulated agent can consolidate consignments during the export process if all of the suppliers have been approved as known consignors. This way, for example approvals obtained by suppliers of components can be utilised when consignments are headed for the same destination.


Regulated suppliers (catering)

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