Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

The security screening of air passengers is governed by common rules in all EU countries. The rules aim to make travel as easy and smooth as possible without compromising safety and security.

Security screening ensures that passengers do not bring on board (on purpose or by mistake) articles or substances that may cause a danger during a flight. Even everyday items may be dangerous on board an aeroplane and therefore be subject to restrictions or completely banned on flights.

Luggage may not include flammable or explosive substances or substances that are toxic, corrosive or otherwise classified as dangerous.

Airlines may apply stricter restrictions than those listed on the Traficom website. We therefore recommend that you check your tickets or consult your airline to ensure that the items and substances you pack with you are allowed on board an aeroplane. Check in particular the instructions on liquids.

Tips on smooth security checks

  • Present all liquids you are carrying.
  • Take off your jacket, coat, belt and other outer clothing for screening.
  • Present your laptop and other large electrical devices for x-ray scanning.

Which items am I not allowed to take into security restricted areas at airports or on board aircraft?