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Front Page: Traficom

A commercial pilot licence (CPL) gives the right to aviation for commercial purposes by either aeroplane (A) or helicopter (H).

A CPL holder may carry passengers or cargo against payment or act as pilot-in-command on an aircraft for which only one pilot is required according to the Flight Manual. On multi-pilot aircraft, a CPL holder can act as co-pilot.

You can participate in CPL training without prior initial training. The training is also open to holders of a leisure pilot licence or a private pilot licence. If you apply for a CPL and already have a pilot licence of some kind, it can be credited towards the CPL. The pilot school providing the training evaluates possible credits case by case.

How to obtain a commercial pilot licence


Age requirement

To apply for a CPL, you must be at least 18 years of age.



The training includes theoretical knowledge and flight instruction.


Theoretical knowledge examinations arranged by Traficom

You may participate in theoretical knowledge examinations after completing the theoretical knowledge instruction. You can take the examinations before you have fully completed your flight instruction.


Skill test

You can take the skill test after you have completed the theoretical knowledge instruction and flight instruction and passed Traficom’s theoretical knowledge examinations.

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