Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Flight and language examiners

Traficom organises training for first-time applicants for a flight examiner’s or language proficiency examiner’s certificate and refresher training for certificate holders wishing to maintain their certifications. After successful completion of training, Traficom authorises flight and language examiners for the relevant tasks.

Flight examination reports

Flight examination report is NOT an application! You can apply for a new qualification by filling out the application form .

Send reports to the following address:



Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom / Registry

PO Box 320


For security reasons we cannot download files from OneDrive, GoogleDrive or any other cloud service. Please send your files as email attachments and use common file formats, such as PDF, JPEG or TIFF.

Apply for flight examiner privileges or language examiner certificate