Effects of Brexit on travel

Air connections

Efforts will be made to secure direct air connections between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) and the EU even if the UK leaves the EU without an agreement. Nevertheless, the UK’s departure from the EU may have impacts on the smoothness of air travel, particularly for continuing flight connections via the UK. The route options and choices currently available may become more restricted.

Brexit will not have any impact on the safety of air travel – flying will continue to be just as safe as before.

Passenger rights

After the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, passenger rights may no longer apply or their application might be limited only to incoming flights to the UK. It is unclear at the moment whether the UK will maintain the same level of protection in its national legislation as that afforded by the EU’s passenger rights. Further information is available on the UK government website (External link).

The rights of passengers are applied to all domestic and international flights leaving from the EU zone and to all flights of EU aviation companies entering the EU. These regulations are also applied to Norway, Switzerland and Iceland and to their aviation companies.

After the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, UK aviation companies will no longer be EU aviation companies. At this point, air passenger rights will no longer necessarily apply to UK flights heading for EU countries if the flight is provided by an aviation company that is not based in the EU or in Norway, Switzerland or Iceland.

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority has compiled on its webpages examples of different possible scenarios (External link). On the same website there is also information for ship, train and bus passengers (External link).

Effects of Brexit on the physically impaired and disabled

Security checks and border checks

At present, it is not expected there will be any practical changes to security checks. 

With regards to immigration checks, the UK has never been part of the Schengen countries, so passports will continue to be checked when travelling to the UK. As the situation currently stands, visas will not be required in the future to travel between the UK and EU countries.

With regards to customs checks, procedures for souvenirs and imported goods will change. After the UK’s withdrawal, customs regulations and import volumes will be applied as for non-EU countries. Further information is available on the Finnish Customs webpages. (External link)


After the UK’s departure, the general EU roaming regulations will no longer apply to the UK. You can check the charges for mobile phone use from your own operator.

Click the following links for information on roaming prices in Europe (External link) and frequently asked questions on roaming in the EU (External link)