Get to know the new terms

The terms and abbreviations used in the N2000 fairway and nautical chart reform are presented in the list below.

BSCD 2000Baltic Sea Chart DatumThe Baltic Sea States use the common name Baltic Sea Chart Datum 2000.
The marking BSCD2000 is the same as N2000 used in Finland and for example RH2000 used in Sweden
BSHCBaltic Sea Hydrographic Commission 
EVRSEuropean Vertical Reference SystemN2000 is compatible with the European Vertical Reference System EVRS2000.
HSSafe clearance depthThe secured water depth of a fairway. The secured water depth is determined from the reference level.
IHOInternational Hydrographic Organisation 
IMOInternational Maritime Organisation 
JHSPublic administration recommendationsDefines the N2000 height system as Finland’s national height system
KS Maximum authorised draughtThe authorised draught of a channel refers to the maximum design draught at which a ship can use the channel.  The  authorised draught is determined from the reference level.
MSLMean Sea LevelThe mean sea level of a certain period, practically the same as MW.
MWMean WaterTheoretical Mean Water
 Theoretical Mean WaterThe annual calculated mean sea level. The Finnish Meteorological Institute calculates the annual theoretical mean water.
N2000 Finland’s national height system
NAPNormaal Amsterdam PeilN2000 is based on the zero level in Amsterdam.
NN, N43, N60 National height systems previously used in Finland.