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Traficom produces a wide range of statistics on aviation, road, maritime and rail transport, and communications networks and services.

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Liikenteen tilastoja siirtynyt Tilastokeskukseen

Traficomista Tilastokeskukseen siirtyviä (External link)virallisia tilastoja ovat kauppalaivaston, kotimaan vesiliikenteen ja ulkomaan meriliikenteen tilastot sekä rautatietilasto ja tietilasto.

Phone call durations increased in the spring in both the fixed telephone network and the mobile network as the majority of Finns transitioned to working remotely and studying at their own homes. Da...
The Nordic and Baltic countries are significant consumers of mobile data. In 2019, the volume of data transferred in mobile networks continued to increase in the entirety of both regions. While gro...
The first registrations of new passenger cars declined by 21.4 per cent in Janu-ary–June 2020 compared to the previous year. There were fewer first registra-tions than ever before in the 2000s. How...
The second half of 2019 saw a modest expansion of high-speed mobile broadband service coverage. The share of households covered by up to 100 Mbps service rose by 2% to reach 93%. There was no signi...

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In the statistics database, you can search for statistical data on the first registrations of vehicles, vehicle fleets, imports of used vehicles, valid driving licences, new driving licences issued or the first registrations of boats.

All statistics on communications services and networks have been compiled in the statistics table on communications services .

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