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Traficom produces a wide range of statistics on aviation, road, maritime and rail transport, and communications networks and services.

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Liikenteen tilastoja siirtynyt Tilastokeskukseen

Traficomista Tilastokeskukseen siirtyviä (External link)virallisia tilastoja ovat kauppalaivaston, kotimaan vesiliikenteen ja ulkomaan meriliikenteen tilastot sekä rautatietilasto ja tietilasto.

Digitalisation is progressing in Finland, but there are significant regional differences in the availability and deployment of internet connections. As the services are moving online, all municipal...
According to information collected by Finnish Transportation and Communications Agency (Traficom), a fixed broadband connection with a download speed of 100 Mbit/s or higher was available to 65 per...
In ideal conditions, more than 1.8 million Finnish households had access to fast 100 Mbps 5G connections at the end of last year, representing 67% of all households. The availability of 5G is conce...
According to a survey by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, Finns need more information on the environmental impact of IT devices and services. The environmental impact conne...

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In the statistics database, you can search for statistical data on the first registrations of vehicles, vehicle fleets, imports of used vehicles, valid driving licences, new driving licences issued or the first registrations of boats.

All statistics on communications services and networks have been compiled in the statistics table on communications services .

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