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Registers and data resources

Transport data resources 

Transport Register 

Traficom maintains an electronic transport register, which contains information on vehicles, aircraft, vessels and watercraft, railway rolling stock and related equipment, operator's licences, operations subject to notification and transport-related personal licences.

Traficom has the right to use the information in its register when carrying out its statutory tasks.

Other transport data resources 

In addition to the Transport Register, Traficom also maintains certain information for carrying out its statutory tasks. Such information includes demand for and supply of transport market and transport services and changes in them, traffic volumes of different modes of transport and other indicators, traffic accidents, incidents and occurrences, vessel calls at Finnish ports and other matters essential to managing its tasks.

NAP Transport service catalog

The NAP transport service catalog is an open national access point (NAP) specified in the Act on Transport Services (320/2017), to which mobility service providers are obliged to submit essential information on their services via digital machine-readable interfaces. Mobility services mean passenger transport services (by road, sea and air), stations, ports and terminals, vehicle-for-hire services, commercial shared mobility services, general commercial parking services and brokering services. Essential information includes operating areas, routes, timetables, prices, service times and accessibility information as well as information on booking, sales, tickets and payment channels. 

The essential information is defined in the Government Decree 643/2017. The NAP service is part of a package aimed at developing combined and user-friendly mobility and information services. NAP is intended for mobility service providers and developers and not for end users or passengers.

NAP privacy statement (External link)

Communications registers

The following are some of the registers maintained by Traficom as part of its tasks laid down in the communications legislation:

  • The radio licence, qualification and certificate processing system managed by Spectrum Management, which also includes the frequency database.
  • The fi-domain name register, which contains the details of the fi-domain names that are registered or entered in the register. The search tool for the public information in the register can be found on Traficom's website. The fi-registrars that have registered with Traficom are also listed on the agency’s website. 
  • The postal verification system, which contains details of undeliverable postal items processed at Traficom.
  • The numbering register, which contains details of the numbers, identifiers and codes issued (such as nationwide subscriber numbers and SMS service numbers).
  • Network information service  at, which contains information on network construction plans for facilitating joint construction. The service also provides information on network operators operating in a given area. The service contains details of communications, electricity, district heating, district cooling, gas, water supply and transport networks.
  • The market surveillance register contains information on conformity assessment of wireless radio equipment sold in Finland, as well as on results and surveillance decisions concerning individual inspections of radio equipment.

Other registers

Stakeholder registers and customer service

To carry out its statutory tasks, Traficom collects information on its stakeholders and customers from data subjects, their employers or from public sources. The information only contains essential identification and contact information, which varies depending on the nature of the matters concerned. Traficom uses the information when organising invitation-only events on topical issues in the agency’s area of responsibility and annual customer satisfaction surveys aimed at improving the quality of the agency’s work. Traficom also sends email newsletters and/or bulletins on the basis of subscriptions, which can be terminated at any time.

The customer service contacts (phone calls, emails and chat) are entered in the customer service system so that Traficom can develop its services and operations. The recordings may be used in training aimed at improving customer service and in the planning of guideline content. In all these activities, privacy protection is a key consideration.

The stakeholder register is updated whenever necessary and the recordings of customer service contacts are kept for a maximum of two years. Traficom may use a service provider as a processor on behalf of the controller, and the processor is obliged to destroy the data at the end of the assignment. As a rule, no information is disclosed from the register unless otherwise provided in openness or other applicable legislation. As a rule, no information is transferred outside the EU or EEA. All personal data is protected against third party use.

The data subject has the right to request Traficom to rectify any inaccurate data or complete any incomplete data, and to check the data on him/her. The data subject has the right to submit a complaint to the Data Protection Ombudsman if the data subject considers that the processing of his or her personal data infringes applicable legislation.

Other Privacy Policies 

Privacy policy for the Autoilija application