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An airline transport pilot licence (ATPL) gives its holder the right to act as pilot-in-command on multi-pilot aircraft in commercial air transport by either aeroplane (A) or helicopter (H). This means that pilots-in-command on commercial air transport hold an ATPL.

You cannot apply for an airline transport pilot licence solely on the basis of training. You are also required to have experience of multi-pilot aeroplanes and more total flight experience. The ATPL is usually applied for by the airline in whose service the commercial pilot licence (CPL) holder has gained a sufficient number of flying hours to meet the requirements.

How to obtain an airline transport pilot licence


Age requirement

To apply for an ATPL, you must be at least 21 years of age.



The training consists of theoretical knowledge instruction.

You are also required to have sufficient flight experience.


Skill test

You can take the skill test once you have successfully completed the theoretical knowledge instruction and Traficom’s theoretical knowledge examinations and have sufficient experience to apply for an ATPL.

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