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Aviation safety information

State of safety in aviation

The state of safety in Finnish aviation is presented in Aviation Safety Review, updated every quarter.

Aviation Safety Review -  (External link)(only in Finnish) 

Annual Safety Reviews (in English) (External link)

Safety Bulletins

Traficom publishes public service announcements that are called Safety Bulletins. The purpose of these bulletins is to share safety information regarding current topics and trends in aviation. 

Read the published Aviation Safety Bulletins (External link) (most only in Finnish, some also available in Swedish and English)

Other reports published by Traficom:

Winter operations bulletin for operators into Northern Finland  7th October 2022 (bulletin in co-operation with Finnish airport operators, airlines, air navigation service providers and meteorological institute)

Flight safety report

Accidents, serious incidents and occurrences in civil aviation in the Finnish territory must be reported in accordance with EU Regulation 376/2014 (External link).
Mandatorily reportable occurrences are listed in the appendices of EC regulation 2015/1018 (External link).
In addition you can always make a voluntary report any safety information or occurrence you consider might be an actual or potential hazard to aviation safety.

Please file the report using the reporting forms found here (External link).